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Premium Obituary and Memorial Themes

Your Tribute has a variety of obituary and memorial themes available for you to personalize the memorial you create. Most free webslte themes look inexpensive and we believe that your loved one's memorial should be the highest quality. At Your Tribute, whether you create a free obituary or premium memorial website, the memorial should be a beautiful representation of your loved one's life.

Our genres of memorial themes include nature, sky, flowers, patriotic, religion and much more. We regularly add new themes and if you have a suggestion for a memorial theme you would like to see on Your Tribute, please contact us. Also, we will be happy to discuss designing custom memorial themes with you. To preview our most popular obituary and memorial themes, click on an image below. When you are ready, click "get started" to select a package and create a free obituary or premium memorial website to pay tribute to your loved one.


Legacy image


Flowers image

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Patriotic (American)

Patriotic image


Religious image


Celestial image


Sky image


Beach image

Grass (Spring)

Grass image

Create an online memorial for free!

Get started in seconds, no credit card, no commitment.

Wheat (Autumn)

Wheat image

New Theme

New Theme image

Choosing Obituary and Memorial Designs

When deciding what theme to choose for an obituary or memorial, we recommend that you preview the memorial designs above. This will give you a general idea of the theme's colors, fonts and imagery. However, do not worry about choosing the perfect design when you create the memorial. We recommend that you begin with any theme and get started adding content to the memorial. Next, from any of the memorial's pages you can choose to change the theme. Switch through the memorial designs to see how it changes the look and feel of the memorial. You can choose a theme and if you change your mind, go back at any time and update the design.

Choosing a memorial design is one of the best ways that you will be able to personalize your loved one's memorial. Select from our collection of memorial designs and themes that best represent your loved one's life. For example, you may choose the flowers theme because they loved gardening, choose a religious theme for a catholic funeral, or select one of our seasonal themes (Spring, Autumn, etc.) for a nice design that will work for a man or woman.

Each theme has been designed to beautifully and eloquently reflect your loved ones personality. The most popular themes are flowers, sky and patriotic, however, we have a wide selection of themes to choose from to personalize the memorial website. If you cannot find a theme you like, please contact us to discuss creating a custom theme for your memorial. For a small fee we can work together to choose colors and images and produce a beautiful personalized theme for your loved one.

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