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What the family thinks of when they “Think Terence”

Posted by Valentina Pereira
Photo of Valentina	Pereira

at 03:20 am on August 12, 2017

Caring and generous son. Can make himself comfortable and sleep anywhere :) Mum

Confidant, protector, easy going, the guy who's eyes look up ?? when seeking solutions, great with kids... the brother who I dearly love and will deeply miss... Sandra

Generous, laid-back, ready with a smile on his face. A great uncle to his nieces and nephews. Ben

Spending time together, eating with him and kisses and hugs and cuddles. Laetitia

His big smiles and infectious laugh as well as his infinite patience with kids...being surrounded by his nephews and nieces, and his personal connection with each one of them. The excited chatter, giggles and laughter - he evokes playfulness and joyfulness. Valentina

An individual who viewed life with endless possibilities, always seeking "... to ensure everyone had a - GOOD TIME. Anytime & Anywhere"; from a simple decisions to pay & fly you Business Class to a wild chase just hunting for penny press machines, from overwhelming your senses with a meal to mind-boggling you with his latest gadgets, from invaluable words of encouragement to priceless humour. It was always envious of others who called him 'brother', but knew only I could 'legally' claim to be his brother .... . Dominic

A brother in-law that; was very good in handling kids and always made a trip back to Malaysia for special occasions, was a most needed extra pair of hands to take care of nieces & nephews. Phyanne

Always there to spread cheers, never have a dull moment around him. Eunice

An uncle with no anger, juz like my Santa HOHOHO. Simone

Big smiles, laughter. Charlotte

My very own Santa Claus. Emmanuel



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