Robert J. Keeme


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Robert J. Keeme

Date of Birth:
November 14, 1964
Date of Death:
September 03, 2012
Eagle River, Alaska, United States


Robert J. Keeme, 56 of Eagle River,  was born November 14th, 1964 in Mesa, Az. to Robert and Yolanda Keeme. He graduated from Rio Salado Community College in 1984 with a certificate in manual fabrication and wire harness for the Apache helicopter. He made his way north, to Alaska in the summer of 2013 and began his 21st career as a trapper. Aspiring to be the best, he created a revolutionary line of snares and assorted traps under the LLC of Beaver me this®. Seeking to supplement his lifelong dependence on food and shelter, Robert wrote short stories about his life and times as an aspiring writer, writing about writing.  He loved to complain about the little things and worry about what he would do once he started living. His survivors include everyone he knows and loves from back in the day, including that cute delivery pizza girl in the baseball cap. He is preceded in death by every son of a bitch that ever wronged him and all the telemarketers that were real-life jerkoffs.

Graveside services are 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 8th, at Pamela Joy Lowry Memorial Park

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