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Mark  N. Matonti
Mark N. Matonti
Date of Birth:
August 10, 1987
Date of Death:
February 16, 2011
Smithtown, New York, United States


Few people manage to impact so many lives in just a short 23 years. Mark was one of a kind. His heart and soul were pure, which must be why he has been taken by God from us so soon. Generosity, tolerance and a vigor for life, only begin to describe this wonderful human being. He fought like a lion because he desired not to give up the life he loved so dearly. The many friends left behind will echo his positive influence on all who were so blessed to have encountered him. From the experiences he enjoyed in high school, to all the memories of working at Sports Plus.
Humor, having fun and laughing were his trademarks. He shared this gift with everyone in proximity. Nobody could resist his charming laid back approach to life. He never complained about how he had to suffer and inevitably succumb to the terrible disease he was unfairly stricken with for too long. Even up to the very day he died, when asked how he was feeling, he’d say “good”, “fine”, or “better”. Even as his body gave up on him, his spirit never left him. As his lungs, heart and kidneys faltered, he remained stubbornly optimistic. He said he couldn’t go because he had “things to do.” His dream was to get better so he could help others. He desired to follow the righteous path and join the priesthood. Mark’s light was too bright, it could no longer be kept dim by this all too often bleak world. And so what God was truly calling for, was for his virtuous son, Mark, to rejoin Him in His Kingdom.

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