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Online Permanently

We don’t think you should have to pay to keep an obituary online for life. The online obituary, including the Story, Guestbook and Gifts pages will remain online for life; we guarantee it! Plus, all of the data (photos, text, etc) you have stored with us is backed up daily.

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Safe and Secure

Your personal info and memories are safe and secure with us. We will never provide your personal information to 3rd parties. Our servers are protected in a high security building with 24-hour surveillance and fire protection. All account and billing pages are secured with 128/256 Bit Strong SSL Encryption.

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Social Media Integration

Each page of the online memorial has a variety of sharing options. Share on Facebook, Send a Tweet, or Bookmark and Share on numerous other websites. You can also login to Your Tribute with your Facebook account, then invite your friends and share content on your wall.

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Designer Themes

Personalize the online memorial website with one of our designer themes. Theme genres include nature, sky, flowers, religion and much more. New themes are regularly added. Switch your theme any time, from any of your pages, using the "Change Theme" link.

Create an online memorial for free!

Get started in seconds, no credit card, no commitment.

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The story page includes personal details such as the person's name and photo, location, date and other biographical info. Add more to the story by including important dates, milestones, history, places, trivia, fun facts and other significant info.

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The online guestbook feature allows friends and family to post comments, thoughts, memories, or wishes for everyone to see. The memorial creator and administrators are notified of new guestbook messages and can delete any they see fit.

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Create and manage the memorial related events. Add the event details, make your event public or private, ask for meal preferences, and invite guests using our contact importer. Email a stylish online invitation then view and manage RSVP's online.

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Create your own photo album or add photos to an existing album. Crop, rotate and add descriptions to your photos when you upload them. Friends and family can also add their photos to the memorial. We even store the originals of every photo!

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Gifts are a fun and free way to offer condolences. Friends and family can give free virtual gifts and optionally leave their name and a short message. There are currently 20 gifts to choose from, with more gifts being added all the time.

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Quickly and easily embed your favorite YouTube videos into a memorial. You can add unlimited videos and add titles and descriptions to each video. We currently support YouTube videos and will be adding other video sharing services soon.

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Notes can be used like a blog to record your thoughts for friends and family to see. You can also create notes, like web pages, to add important info and links related to the memorial. The most recent note is displayed on memorial's homepage.

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Comments can be added to notes, photos and videos. Comments are an easy way for friends and family to leave their thoughts about content on the memorial. The memorial creator and administrators are notified by email of new comments.

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Create an online memorial for free!

Get started in seconds, no credit card, no commitment.

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Multiple Administrators

It is easy to add friends & family as administrators to a memorial website. An administrator is able to use all the features of the memorial and can remove content posted by other users. The memorial creator will always have full control and can add or remove administrators at any time.

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Email Notifications

The memorial creator and administrators will automatically receive an email whenever new content is added to their memorial. In your privacy settings you can choose which emails you want to receive. Visitors to the memorial can also choose to receive email updates when new content is added.

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No Advertising

Our free online obituaries include a few tasteful well-targeted banner ads. If you choose one of our paid packages, all of the banner ads will be removed from the memorial. Paid memorial websites will never have advertising on them, ever.

* Requires a paid account

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Download Photo Albums

We store the original high resolution image (up to 3 megapixels) of every photo uploaded. Users who have a premium paid Memorial Tribute account can view the high resolution images and can also download entire photo albums.

* Requires a paid account.

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