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Patti White
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September 06, 2013

I first met Karen in a women's ministry group at Bayside several years ago. Although I don't have a life long history with her like so many, she had an incredible impact on my life. I had the pleasure of serving along side of Karen for a few years at the same table where we had many laughs, tears and heart to heart talks about our Heavenly Father. I owe a lot to this wonderful lady I call friend. If ever I could be the picture of what I consider a women of God, it would look just like her!!! I am forever changed by the loss of my dear friend. Until we meet again precious friend:)

Lisa Eastman
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September 05, 2013

I had the honor of serving with Karen for the 2007 Triennial Planning Committee. We were roommates for our meetings in Chicago and she was always great fun to be around. Karen impacted a lot of people, especially women and it didn't matter what age group..she just had a way of connecting immediately. I feel blessed to have known Karen and have been encouraged many times by her. It was a joy to see the standing ovation she received twice at Triennial in San Diego and how everyone loves her. A treasure to all, a gift, friend, mentor, teacher, and fine leader. I will never forget you, Karen!

Robert Friedman (United States)
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September 05, 2013

Win and I met Karen late 2003 at TCC in Manchester, Ct. She walked up to me after the service, and little did we know the huge impact she would have on our lives in ten short years. Karen radiated the love of Christ in such a joyful way that it was contagious to all who knew her. Karen was a gift to the world and now she is a gift to heaven. Karen invited us to join the Bible Study Group which was forming at TCC and we studied the Purpose Driven Life. Since that time, despite her move to CA., we have stayed in touch and had many happy memories together. Karen and Alan have stayed with us in CT, Maine and Florida, at our winter home. The best of times were our visits in Maine at our treasured Thrumcap Cottage where our Bible Study Group meets on occasion, and we will hold close those times and others until we meet Karen again. We love you Karen and will miss you here on earth, but know we will meet again someday when we all return Home. Love, Bob and Win Friedman

Alan Hotchkiss
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September 05, 2013

The first time I met Karen was 2000 in Hartford, CT. My wife Lisa and I had moved to the area to prepare for a citywide evangelistic effort the following year. Lisa knew Alan and Karen from her home church in California where they had served on staff, so when we arrived, we looked them up.

Upon meeting them, they instantly recognized our unspoken need for friendship and took us under their wings. Over the next year we attended their church and often went to lunch with them after the services. I think we even had Thanksgiving with them that year. That special encouragement, from a couple much further down the road in ministry then we were, was exactly what we needed.

Alan, we will forever be grateful for the special way you two cared for us during that time. It had more impact then you might imagine. I would guess that what you both did for us is a good picture of what you did for many all over the US through the years. We look forward to seeing Karen again someday, at the feet of Jesus and we will be praying for you as you continue to serve until He calls you home as well.

We Love You,
Alan and Lisa

Brett VanSteenwyk
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September 04, 2013

Some of my earliest memories are of Karen, from when they lived in Pasadena in the 1960s to when she and Alan endured a train ride with us from there to Illinois. Another time when we visited in Sacramento when David (about 5 or 6?) threw down his present so he could give his Aunt Elizabeth a hug! I also used to visit when in grad school in Berkeley in the early 1980s, and finally, some more in recent years where Karen played the organ at my dad's memorial. So many memories!

Sharon Perry (United States)

September 04, 2013

Charles and I thank the Lord for Karen's ministry to us and other Seniors at Bayside Church. Her sweet spirit was always shining even when we could see the pain of her physical illness expressed through her eyes. Karen was an example to our Senior ladies that our spirit should grow sweeter as we grow older. We will truly miss her. Our loss is Heaven's gain.

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