Jerry Joseph Del Cuore, Jr.


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Jerry Joseph Del Cuore, Jr.

Date of Birth:
March 25, 1950
Date of Death:
August 02, 2020
Englewood, Colorado, United States


On Sunday, August 2, 2020, Jerry Joseph Del Cuore, Jr., loving father, brother, cousin, and friend, passed away at the age of 70.

Jerry was born on March 25, 1950 in Brooklyn, NY to Jerry Joseph Del Cuore, Sr. and Connie Del Cuore. He was the eldest son and brother to Steven and Deborah. In the early 1970s, Jerry moved to Colorado where he had three children, Michael, Sara, and Christopher.

Jerry had a passion for family and valued it above all else, choosing to express his love in the truest Italian way - by feeding those around him. An excellent cook and host, Jerry always looked forward to the holidays, family reunions, and particularly family dinners. He received immense joy and satisfaction in cooking for those he loved, which was obvious in the delicious food he served.

Jerry was also an excellent conversationalist and for those fortunate enough to have sat and talked with him, they often left those conversations better than when they arrived. His kindness and genuine interest in other people was unique and special, a gift that will be remembered by many. His calm demeanor and beautiful insights into the purpose of life will forever be cherished by his children, who will draw comfort from the shared conversations about God, love, pain, and life over hundreds (if not thousands) of cups of tea after one of his delicious meals.

These moments will be missed the most but we will gratefully carry them throughout our lives and draw on their wisdom and solace in those times when we want nothing more than to sit with him, again.

Jerry was preceded by his parents and beloved cousins, Tony & Andy Gengaro. He is survived by his children, his grandson Miles, his siblings, his brother-in-law and sister-in-law, cousins, and niece and nephews.

Per Jerry's wishes, any donations may be sent to the Rocky Mountain Veterans Association at 

*UPDATE* Due to Covid, the memorial service has been postponed. The updated date and time will be posted as soon as it is rescheduled.
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