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Greg Rupp
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November 01, 2011

My favorite memories of Grandma were when would come back from Omaha and stay on the farm and when I would stop by her house in town for pie or cinnamon rolls. I was usually Grandma's favorite but that shifted around a bit. Wonder if Grandma is resting in Heaven or trying to clean the place up, she could never sit still and if she did she feel asleep. My parents left me with Grandma and Grandpa on the farm for a week, when they returned I told them " Don't ever leave me here again!" We will miss you Grandma.

Rae Anne Alesch
Guest User

November 01, 2011

I lived only a few blocks away from my Gram for most of my married life. I fixed her hair every Sat morning for over 10 years. She wasn't always easy to get along with- she had very strong, very Catholic opinions. She was very frugal and would frequently get after me for my lavish spending (lol).
She was the hardest worker I've ever known and the toughest physically. When she had the skin of her cheek removed and I tried to get her to take the pain killers she replied, " Oh no, making lunch for the boys in the field will keep me busy and take my mind off of it."
I drove her to the fields to feed those boys from the time she was no longer driving til she went to the nursing home. I refused however to stop and scoop up roadkill for the cats.
I am a better person for her life lessons. I also know how to bake her pie crust and her oven caramel corn.
She said what she thought and was sometimes a little nuts, but she was my Grandma and I loved her. She told me many times that she was ready to be with God and now she finally is- as my daughter Kelsey said, "Rest them hardworkin' bones in Heaven Gram."

Messages 1 to 2 of 2
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