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Sample Memorial Website: Evelyn Mary Smith

Pay tribute to the life of a loved one with an online memorial from Your Tribute.

Create a free Online Obituary or premium Memorial Website. Get started in seconds. No Credit Card required.
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What is Your Tribute?

Your Tribute is an easy-to-use website that allows you to create an online memorial to commemorate a life. Create free online obituaries or memorial websites to remember your loved ones. Share their story, add photos and videos, leave condolences and memorials, and then invite friends and family to do the same.

Why Your Tribute?

Since 2002, friends and family have used Your Tribute to create more than 75,000 online obituaries and memorial websites to commemorate the life of loved ones. Our team, with more than 50 years experience in the funeral industry, is dedicated to helping you create a beautiful tribute to a departed person.

Privacy & Security

Your personal info and memories are safe and secure with us. All data is backed up daily and stored in secure data centers.

Facebook Integration

Log in using your Facebook account and easily share your memories with your Facebook friends by posting to your wall.

Lifetime Storage

Create a memorial websites to ensure your memories, including condolences , photos and videos, will remain online permanently.

Beautiful Themes

Personalize all free online obituaries or memorial websites with one of our designer themes. You can switch the theme any time.

Guestbook & Memorials

Leave a condolence message in the online guestbook or choose a memorial to add to the online obituary or memorial website.

High Resolution Photos

We store the original version of every photo (up to 3MP). Premium memorial websites can view and save high resolution photos.

Celebrate a life and remember a special someone with Your Tribute.

Create free Online Obituaries or premium Memorial Websites in a few simple steps.

Share their story, add photos and videos, leave condolences and memorials, and then invite friends and family to do the same.

Create an online memorial for free!

Get started in seconds, no credit card, no commitment.

The Importance of Free Online Obituaries

An obituary, also referred to as a death notice, is typically published In a local newspaper. The obituary includes the death announcement, life history, family and funeral information. Obituaries are necessary because they notify people of the deceased's passing. However, today more people rely on the Internet for information and free online obituaries are an important way to ensure that people are notified of the death.

Free online obituaries create a permanent online record of the person's death that can always be located by friends and family. Furthermore, the online obituary can be shared by email and through social networking websites and can be viewed by people throughout the world. These are major advantages over newspapers, which can only be viewed locally and are often only permanently saved by a few family members.

Another important reason to create free online obituaries is to provide friends and family with a location where they can connect and share memories. Online obituaries often include a guestbook feature where people can leave condolences. Your Tribute's free online obituaries include a guestbook, but also allow users to share stories, photos, videos and more.

The Benefits of Premium Memorial Websites

Free online obituaries are a quick and easy way to create an online death notice, but premium memorial websites offer a number of benefits. A memorial website is more personalized and creates an online memorial to memorialize and pay tribute to the life of an individual. A memorial website preserves history and memories and makes them available for future generations to view and contribute to.

Premium memorial websites from Your Tribute have no content limits. Users can add an unlimited number of stories, condolences, memorials, photos, videos and more. In addition to being able to add unlimited content, users can upload and view high-resolution photos and HD videos. This gives friends and family a central location where they can share photos and videos of their departed loved one.

Some of the other benefits of creating premium memorial websites is that you receive a custom URL for the website which makes it easier to share with friends and family. You also have a wider selection of themes to choose from allowing you to create a more personalized memorial. Finally, creating a permanent memorial will ensure that the tribute remains online forever for future generations to view.

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